Lets Talk Live :: Wedding Details Not to Neglect

Today, I was on Lets Talk Live on WJLA. It is always a blast going back to the studio to chat about ideas that can make your wedding planning life a little easier. We talked about a few areas in planning that can be easily neglected.

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Your invitations should be 3% of your wedding budget. I know you are thinking that 3% is an easy number to forget, but you will soon be reminded when you need to come up with $1950 out of your $65,000 budget for pretty paper.

A couple tips you should remember when picking out invitations:
1. Your entire stationary suite, from the Save-The-Date to menu cards should all match
2. Upgrade to a thicker card stock and letter press to give you invitations an extra bit of glam

These custom made Acrylic Invitations from With Wild and Grace are currently trending and absolutely gorgeous!

Gifts for your bridal party should be 2-3% of your entire wedding budget. Don’t be shocked to hear that either. This fine group of individuals have been there for you through every tear, smile and laugh. They deserve to be spoiled!

Here are a couple options to find them something beautiful without putting forth a lot of effort:
1. Have either your wedding planner or wedding designer create a gift that has tons of exciting and trending options for you to purchase
2. Go to http://www.marigoldgrey.com to pick out all of your favorite items and have them shipped directly to your door. (They will also design something specifically for you)


Your ceremony can showcase not only the old traditions, but some new ones you can pass down to your children. My current favorite new tradition for ceremonies is the Anniversary Box. You can add your favorite wine or scotch, a letter to one another and other fun keepsakes from your wedding day, like a tie to open on your anniversary.

This box has three different slots for three different anniversaries. This is super fun because you can be reminded your exact emotions on your wedding day for more than one special occasion.

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