Thursday Hitched Tip :: How to feed your vendors

99.9% of my clients don't realize they have to feed those people they spend MONTHS tracking down and paying for on the day of their wedding. Those people that have spent days prepping for your wedding, and 8-10 hours on their feet to make sure your wedding is perfect. Those people, that I call, my ... [Read More]

Confessions of a Wedding Planner :: That one time I got fired

This year marks 14 years when I started dabbling in the wedding planning field. I have been a part of weddings in some way since I was a kid. My grandmother owned a wedding dress boutique and my mother was a wedding photographer. During my early days, right after I got my certification, I was eager ... [Read More]

Thursday Hitched Tip :: Rules for being in the bridal party

Oh man...I have been waiting quite some time to write this post. We have a tremendous love/hate relationship with bridesmaids and groomsmen. Some are so fabulous, we becoming instantly envious of the bride and groom for their lifelong friendships with these amazing souls. And others...lets just say ... [Read More]

Thursday Hitched Tip :: Planning vs. Coordination

It’s been a minute, but I’m bringing back our #ThursdayHitchedTip. After a crazy year with unlimited lessons learned, it is time we help everyone else from making some of these boo boos, faux pas and down right rude actions. Like I’s been a long year! Starting off with the difference ... [Read More]

Confessions of a Wedding Planner :: When toilets run dry

Our wedding season is over, and the blogs are coming back. We like to take a time out on the website when Weddings are in full swing to give 100% to our brides. With two new babes added to the team and one on the way, things have been especially extra busy. But our favorite blog topics are back, ... [Read More]

Kelly and Jon are Getting Hitched!

I have been waiting for this wedding for what seems like a lifetime. This is the wedding I kept saying, "If I can make it past June 23 and not have the baby, I will be in good shape. Just get me past June 23." Obviously, that didn't happen. But precious Mia did do me the favor of coming 10 days ... [Read More]

Welcome to the team, Princess Mia!

If you haven’t noticed, our social media has been a little quite for the past 2 weeks. Yes, we are still in the middle of wedding season, but babies don’t care about that! Heather gave birth to the incredibly adorable Mia Shea Miller on Wednesday, June 13 at 11:43pm. Almost 3 weeks ahead of ... [Read More]

Michelle and Christopher are Getting Hitched!!

Michelle and Christopher’s big day is finally here and we couldn’t be more excited for this beautiful couple!! This has been quite the month for these two, complete with a graduation, a move and now a wedding in the matter of weeks! Chris recently graduated with his Doctorate in Osteopathic ... [Read More]

Elizabeth and Laird are Getting Hitched!

This super precious couple is getting married tomorrow and Lauren from Simply Hitched will be there for every wedding planning detail! We are praying that mother nature properly participates because of the incredible outdoor details that Liz has planned. But rain or shine, this day promises to be ... [Read More]