Thursday Hitched Tip :: Step away from the Internet

You heard me. Put it down. Pinterest, blog posts, Instagram. These lovely little wedding devices can truly do more harm than good. They are amazing for trying to find inspiration, but not the EXACT look of your wedding day. 1. Your eyes are bigger than your budget The biggest issue I find with ... [Read More]

Mallory and Rodrigo are Getting Hitched

Mallory came to us in early May needing a wedding coordinator to make sure her intimate wedding to her Brazilian fiancé goes off flawlessly. Mallory and Rodrigo met in DC while out with friends and have been together ever since. Rodrigo recently moved to the US from Brazil so they can both start ... [Read More]

Joanna and Nicolas are Getting Hitched!!

It's here. The weekend me and my team have been heavily prepping for the past several weeks is finally here. Joanna and Nicolas are getting married! Their insanely beautiful and completely over the top wedding will start at the National Cathedral in Washington DC. Only to be followed up with all 200 ... [Read More]

Confessions of a Wedding Planner :: Call 911…No, Seriously

The one thing you pray never happens while you are a wedding planner is for a situation to arise where it is necessary to call 911 during an event. It would more than likely be for something sad and scary, but secondly, there is rarely room in the schedule to play EMT. A few years ago, I got my ... [Read More]

Elopement Package

And now we would like to formally introduce to you… our elopement package! We’ve always offered this service, but elopements are becoming more and more popular these days, so we wanted to make it official. Couples who want the intimate, romantic day of their dreams with their love without the added ... [Read More]

Katelyn & Nicholas are Getting Hitched!

Saturday is the big day for our couple, Katelyn and Nicholas. I will be at the lovely Silver Swan Bayside venue for their perfect day! This wedding is super special for me because Katelyn is one of my childhood best friends, and I've known her entire family for years. They are a wild bunch ... [Read More]

Hitched Tip :: Think outside of your “food” box

Did you know you can have more than the standard chicken breast and salmon filet on your wedding day? YES! It is possible. Wedding menus were curated to feed the masses in a short period of time. Insert carved beef and macaroni salad here. When I work with my clients, I FORCE them to think outside ... [Read More]