Top Tips About Your Bustle

Ahhh, the bustle.  There are very few occasions where you will actually require the need of a bustle on your gown. Naturally, there are things you wish you would have known once you have one. It has become my part-time job to know the inter-workings of every bustle known to man. Along with my ... [Read More]

Southern Maryland Wedding- Megan and Brian

Is anyone else a little obsessed with summer this year. I absolutely love when July feels like May!  Working outside on the deck with a fan and glass of tea is heaven in my book. No really, this is what I do every day there is no rain! My second favorite time is wedding day! On wedding days, my ... [Read More]

How to Keep Your Wedding Guests Happy!

As the Bride and Groom, you are expected to be the hostess with the mostess. That year of planning is not just to make your dream day gorgeous, but guest friendly! The last thing you want is to spend thousands of dollars and have your guests walk away unhappy. I always ask my brides to think of past ... [Read More]

Wedding Rentals in Southern Maryland

If you are getting married in Southern Maryland, you will QUICKLY realize you need to rent some type of chair, table, linen, fork, spoon, etc to pull your big day together. There are very few "one-stop shop" wedding venues down here, and for that I say THANK GOD! This means that each and every ... [Read More]

How to Stay Organized!

Being organized is THE most important part of planning anything with the least amount of stress. Don't get me wrong, stress comes in all different forms, but being ahead of things with your awesome organization skills will make it a little easier. On top of planning your wedding, you have to work ... [Read More]