Hitched by Heather “Wifey” Giveaway

WHEW, what a weekend!! For those of you who are not following along my Facebook or Instagram, I teamed up with some other vendors that also like to push their creativity to the limits! I CANNOT wait to share this brilliant style shoot with everyone! Not know what a style shoot is?? Well you're in ... [Read More]

How to Handle Wedding Crashers!

As a wedding planner with almost 10 years experience, I have had to deal with my fair share of uninvited or unruly guests and it never gets any easier. I even had a few slip through the cracks at my own wedding! These crazy people came without an invite, then tried to make a scene towards the end of ... [Read More]

Dinner Stations- The New Dinner Option

The standard options for dinner are usually a buffet, formal sit down, or family style . BUT, this year, I have found many brides are going with a 4th and fun option: All night stations! Have you ever attended a wedding and thought, where is all the food? Yes, you may have chased down a waiter ... [Read More]

The Peony Look Without the Peony Price

One thing is for sure, everyone loves a good peony. I swoon after their high petal count that makes them look as if they belong in a tea cup. But the hefty price, especially out of season, can keep your dream day peony-free. So if you are looking for that full, soft and dense look, but they are out ... [Read More]

Best Free Wedding Apps

After spending hours downloading dozens of wedding apps, and many more studying each one, I have finally found some of the best FREE wedding apps available! If you are currently using and loving other free apps, and don’t see them on this list, email me and I will add them! ... [Read More]