Friday Favorites :: Shades and Cardigans

I am constantly searching through wedding magazines, Pinterest and wedding blogs like it's my job...because it is! :) Almost daily, I find ideas that actually catch my attention. For all you busy brides out there, I will share my favorite finds through the week here! This weeks Favorites: Bride ... [Read More]

Thursday :: Hitched Tips- Tiles for Outdoor Weddings

This Thursday is the beginning of my Hitched-Tips Series. Every Thursday, I will bring a quick tip that I have learned, and continue to learn, through my 10 years of planning! There are countless times where  I attend an event as a guest and WISH someone would have given the bride an easier solution ... [Read More]

Wedding Planner vs. On-Site Coordinator

A very common misconception in my industry is that Wedding Planners and On-Site Coordinators are one in the same. The answer is simply, no. Although our jobs may seem some what similar, the attention to detail and unique abilities are very different. I have had brides ask about the roles of an ... [Read More]

Top Tips About Your Bustle

Ahhh, the bustle.  There are very few occasions where you will actually require the need of a bustle on your gown. Naturally, there are things you wish you would have known once you have one. It has become my part-time job to know the inter-workings of every bustle known to man. Along with my ... [Read More]

Southern Maryland Wedding- Megan and Brian

Is anyone else a little obsessed with summer this year. I absolutely love when July feels like May!  Working outside on the deck with a fan and glass of tea is heaven in my book. No really, this is what I do every day there is no rain! My second favorite time is wedding day! On wedding days, my ... [Read More]