Confessions of a Wedding Planner :: Crazy Guest Comments

It is our job to hear it all and see it all. When you are an avid people watcher like myself and more than half of my team, it can really get entertaining.

We love wedding guests. They keep us laughing and are normally there to give a helping hand if something is a little off and keep the party going

But with the good, must come the crazy! Here are some insane statements that were made to me and my team over the years after some guests forgot their manners.

Because we do keep everything PG on this blog post, I will substitute some bad language with the following: Fork, Butterscotch, Salami

Melissa Barrick Photography

Crazy Guest 1:
Guest: Can I take one of those tall escort mirrors home, it has my name on it?
HBH: No, it belongs to the bride and groom, I can’t give them away, but I can check.
Guest: Well I am “forking” taking it and your not going to do anything about it.
Guest knocks down the rest of the escort mirrors as he steals his tables and looks me dead in the eye.

Crazy Guest 2:
The guest and groom are talking
HBH: Hey “groom,” you have 5 minutes until we cut the cake, just wanted to give you a heads up.
Guest: Walk the “fork” away J-Lo.
As I walk away, I hear the guest say, “What a dumb ‘Butterscotch.'”

Crazy Guest 3:
Guest: I can’t find where we put the cards.
HBH: I can take that for you sir and put it with the rest of the cards!
Guest: Don’t steal it! I will be making sure they get my money!

Crazy Guest 4:
Guest: Do you know when we eat?
HBH: In about 20 minutes. There are appetizers by the bar.
Guest: You don’t get all this by eating appetizers (proceeds to pick up his shirt and pat his belly).

Crazy Guest 5:
Guest: When you cut the cake, I want the first piece.
HBH: We normally save that for the bride and groom, but I will make sure you get a slice.
Guest: I think you mean “yes, ma’am.”

There is a whole lot more where that came from. Stay tuned!