Confessions of a Wedding Planner :: That one time I got fired

This year marks 14 years when I started dabbling in the wedding planning field. I have been a part of weddings in some way since I was a kid. My grandmother owned a wedding dress boutique and my mother was a wedding photographer. During my early days, right after I got my certification, I was eager to get started and would take ANY wedding that came my way…any wedding. A notion that I don’t even let my team members embrace. If you work with a client that doesn’t understand the importance of your job or your personality, then don’t waste your time. You will be be frustrated at the end!

This photo has NOTHING to do with the post. Just a pretty place holder. Everyone in this wedding was top notch. 😉

I was about 5 weddings into my career and only about half were events where I felt I did a good enough job to talk about. Wedding planning was not as big 14 years ago as it is now. There were only a few wedding planners in the area and none wanted an “assistant” to help them.

The bride was super sweet. She found me through word of mouth (her aunt was friends with one of my previous brides), and she was incredibly organized. Right from the beginning, I felt confident and ready to go after 3 too many meetings and probably the same amount of hours in that I would charge today for a partial wedding, I was ready to go. I was given one warning about the very crabby grandmother. I didn’t think it would effect me since her beef was with the brides father…who was footing the bill for the new planner. It is time for the ceremony and the grandmother won’t look me in the eyes. I am trying to line everyone up to walk them down the aisle and the grandmother is not budging. Everyone is ready to go except for this very unhappy blue haired lady.

I walk up to grams and lightly put my hand on her arm and say “we are ready to get started if you come with me.” She says “Get your hands off of me!” and gets in line. I feel terrible! I can’t believe I crossed a line with the one lady that was looking for any reason to get angry! I get everyone down the aisle and the bride appeared happy. She didn’t see her grandmothers melt down and scowl.

I thought I was in the clear until it was time for introductions into the reception. Of course, grammy was up first. She looks at me and says “we no longer need your services, you clearly don’t know what you’re doing! I’m doing my granddaughter a favor by telling you to just go home!” I thought the day had gone incredibly smooth. No issues were coming up. Everyone seemed happy. My insecurities of this being my 5th wedding were weighting hard on me. The entire bridal party heard and gave me a shocked look!

I just smiled and let the DJ take lead with the introductions. I was about to take the old ladys advice until the father of the bride came up to me and said “don’t take it personally, she is just being mean to you because she is angry with me. You’re doing a wonderful job!” I was relieved. I realized in that moment that when people flip out on the planner, there is normally and underlining issue with either someone else or themselves they are taking it out on.