Confessions of a Wedding Planner :: The Band Never Showed

I receive countless emails and text messages from brides that have weekly wedding nightmares. The dress turned from white to red, the caterer only brings pizza rolls and the groom is the wrong person. All of these are incredibly unlikely to happen.

For one unsuspecting bride, a real like wedding nightmare came true. Here’s what happened:

My team and I showed up on the day of the wedding ready to go. We had the wedding prepped and confirmed for weeks with all of the vendors. After several hours of set up, the Father of the Bride told me he found out the night before that the band was not able to play for the wedding! I thought he was joking at first. It became even more serious for me when he asked “do you know any bands?”

With only 4 hours to go before the ceremony, I called every single musician I knew. I finally heard back from two available bands, but with only an hour to go, there was not enough time for them to travel 2 hours and still set up. With just a little more time, we would have been able to replace the band with no issues. Luckily, a best friend of the family is a DJ took over as the entertainment for the evening.

I was incredibly stressed to deliver the sad news to the bride and groom. To my surprise, they were a little disappointed, but very much OK with the drastic change. When you realize that this day is truly about becoming one with your soul mate, and everything else is added bonus, the logistics kind of melt away.

I will honestly say it was still an incredibly fun and successful night! Despite the disappointing news, it became the most memorable night for a beautiful couple!