Confessions of a Wedding Planner :: What Brides Really Need to Know

Happy 2018. Has everyone finally had time to breathe after the crazy holidays? We have been very busy over here with little projects and several client meetings. This is already shaping up to be a little busier than last year, and we could not be more excited!

With every new beautiful bride that contacts us, there are always a flood of questions that come with the first inquiry. Thanks to these crazy wedding websites, brides feel so behind and more confused than ever! Wedding planning can be overwhelming, but does not need to be that difficult if you take it one step at a time. Here is what you really need to know…

1. What the heck do I do next?
Let me make this simple on you. 1. Budget 2. Location 3.Date. Those are your first steps. Numbers 2 and 3 are interchangeable, but number 1 needs to stay number 1. We can help you with steps 2-1000, but number 1 is only for you and your family to work out. I suggest a bottle of wine in a nice restaurant so there is no shouting (yes, these conversations can get heated). We can even take care of your entire budget, but we need to know the magic number.

2. How do I include my fiancé and family, but not give over complete control?
This is a big one. I completely understand being type A. Hello, you are talking to a very organized and obsessively organized wedding planner. There are several areas that you can have your family and soon to be hubby help in the planning, but not give over the reigns completely. The best vendors for grooms to assist with are:
Caterer- In my experience, they love food.
Transportation- Don’t freak if they want the over the top stretch limo. Give them a few fun options.
Entertainment- You are not the only one grooving to the music. Bring him to these meetings, if he wants!

The best areas to bring yours/his family:
Rentals- In our experience, parents have an opinion about the rentals. Especially the chairs. They like to be comfortable!
Wedding Planner: It is great to know everyone’s questions and ideas so we can gather the whole picture and what is most important to each family member.

3. How do I keep from being a bridezilla?
Yea…it happens to the best of us. We get wedding tunnel vision and the most important thing to us is peonies in the month of October which is a literal impossibility. To keep from turning into a bridezilla every time someone makes a nerve wrecking comment or when something doesn’t turn out the way you expected, first…take three deep breaths. Seriously. You need to take a breath and prioritize. The biggest source for turning of bridezilla is shockingly the number one issue with marriages…finances. When you don’t have enough money for the band you want or your first choice caterer, but your in laws keep adding to their guest list, it causes lots of stress and new drama. Don’t take it out on your fiancé, or your ladies trying to help. Also, regarding your ladies…give them a break. Don’t request a mandatory French manicure or a $3000 trip to the Bahamas for your list fling. That is another thing we can help with…helping to channel your anger into something beneficial for your wedding.

4. What exactly do you do?

Well…what do you need us to do? That is basically what we are here for, whatever you need. Taking over the entire planning experience, coming in 2 months before to take over the big and little pieces or holding your hand as you plan and act as your sounding board. It is our job to make sure the biggest day of your life is handled with professionalism and poise.

5. Biggest difference between Hitched by Heather and Simply Hitched?
The ladies of Simply Hitched are fierce and incredibly talented. Each lady trained under me before starting with their own weddings and now each team lead has almost 10 weddings each for 2018. For day of coordination, you will be in contact with your lead by sending contracts and big wedding planning changes through the entire process. Then you will meet with them 8-6 weeks before the big day and they will completely take over 2 weeks prior. I will sometimes make it to the meetings incase they need a helping hand and on most wedding days if we don’t have a double booking. We work as a very close knit team and are always discussing new wedding ideas. With our online planning portal, if anything ever happens so that one of your team leads cannot be there, another team lead can step in and start right where they left off.