Confessions of a Wedding Planner :: How we pick our teammates

I receive inquiries all the time for people who would like to join our fierce team. I know we make things appear like rainbows and champagne 24/7, but these ladies put in the hard work nonstop. From late night meetings to long days on our feet, my girls are all around rock stars. Even from our first interview, they knew that the business side of this job is no joke. We have strict policies that keep us on task and ahead of each wedding, along with guidelines on acting professionally and our online presence.

My very first “official” assistant (not intern) was our sweet Caitlin. She had never been on the wedding planning side of things until I brought her on site and she could have fooled every guest, including the bride and groom. She was aware, on top of details and made my life 1000% easier. She became my right arm through the years and learned all of the tricks along the way. She was the blueprint for the type of assistant and lead I wanted to bring on to expand.

It is imperative that our team not only be eager and willing to learn the industry inside and out, but always hold the highest level of professionalism and poise. I have my hand in every event we plan together, but they are ultimately the lead and planner in charge. We have a no excuses and no b.s. way of life behind closed doors. Each HBH Team member must have thick skin, strong attitude and keep their emotions out of every situation, unless it is happy tears! It gets very stressful in a short time and bad attitudes or hurt feelings do nothing but keep the moral down. You are only as strong as your weakest member, and I can honestly say that all of our ladies keep us on top of our game!

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