Confessions of a Wedding Planner :: Top 3 Vendor Lies

When you take the job of reaching out to well over 30 vendors for your dream day, you will ask yourself even more questions along the way. Are they telling the truth? Can I trust the reviews of other brides? Are they my ideal vendor? When working with our team, we can cut down majority of your red tape and answer all of those questions.

1. We currently have other couples interested in your date.

Now. This one very well may be true at times. But not EVERY time. This is a marketing trick by some vendors who really want you to book your wedding, but want you to think there is some level of importance to close the deal fast. I recently had a bride reach out to 4 different vendors in the same category. Three of those vendors all came back and said: they either had sent out contracts for that day and its first come, first serve, so send in the money and contract fast! Or that they had other brides interested in their day and they should write back ASAP to close the deal. Their day is not the most popular date to get married, so having 3 out of 4 vendors PUSH that their day was almost fully booked made me question the truth. It completely turned off my sweet bride and she was even more stressed out about her other vendors. I started reaching out to people I knew and they were not only available, but excited to work with her and her budget!
Don’t panic. If you have a VERY popular date and are behind the curve ball, then you need to jump on finding your dream team. But you should still NEVER rush into making a decision where you are going to spend thousands of dollars because of fear.

2. You don’t need a wedding planner, we have it covered!

We hear this one a lot. By the site, or caterer, or sometimes even DJ. And we say, that is wonderful, for them. Wedding planners are not there to take over anyone’s job. We are there to ensure that their job goes as easy as possible by streamlining any issues and allowing each vendor to only have to worry about themselves! Your DJ won’t have to talk to the caterer about when the reception will start, or the photographer to make sure they are set up. The site won’t have to talk to the rental company about their set up or pick up times. Any and all questions from you, the clients, will only have to be ran through one person for an answer, not 10. We do NOT want to become your caterer, or DJ, and we are NOT…I repeat, not photographers! We make life easy for each person at that wedding, from the clients, to the guests and especially the vendors.
Unless your vendor claiming you don’t need a wedding planner will take over all of the jobs of a wedding planner…set up, clean up, directing rehearsal and wedding day ceremony, direct and work with every single vendor at the site…then I would invest wisely!

3. We need full control of your timeline

Nope. Not even close. If you gave every single person participating in your wedding full control over your timeline, then nothing would ever get done! I have been planning weddings for almost 15 years and there has NEVER been a wedding that we couldn’t work around everyone’s requirements. And there are a lot. They are all incredibly important and must be coordinated in perfect harmony or your 4 hour reception will turn into a 7 hour nightmare. You need to communicate with each vendor and gauge their needs based off your ultimate timeline. It can take a lot of creative thinking and a little magic touch, but that is also something you would pay us to completely take over for you without one minute of stress!

Don’t feel pressure from one individual to make “their” timeline the base timeline. You have to work with everyone and their incredibly important moments through the night to keep your wedding perfect.