HBH is adding another little lady to the team!!

Yes!! It is true. We are adding another little love-bug to our forever growing team. However, she won’t make her debut until the middle of our summer wedding season. Silly, little one.

(now do you see why I made my girls dress up and go outside in 20 degree weather? Needed to beat the bump!)

Jacob and I are so very excited to announce we will be welcoming our precious little girl to the world at the end of this June. There is so much that needs to happen before her arrival. From April to July, our teams have a total of 10 weddings, including two destination. In addition to our stay in Italy and another trip in April. oh yeah…not to mention all the things you’re supposed to get done before the baby arrives…like nursery and baby things.

This has been quite the adventure. I quit my desk job in 2012 to not only pursue a full time career as a wedding planner, but to also start our family. I don’t have to tell you what happened there. My team grew from just me to 6 other gorgeous and hard working ladies. Jake and I have travelled this world and have been on so many adventures. All while pursuing our dream of adding just one precious baby. Never judge a book by its cover, my friends.

When clients sit down and tell me their stress when things just don’t go their way, I understand more than what you can imagine. I have a new level of empathy and compassion even for the smallest of issues. This unexpected journey that we have been given has taught us so much about one another and made us even stronger.

Since I was given the rare opportunity to grow this amazing company and our fierce team, none of our clients will ever have to worry if one of us sick, or lets say, having a baby, and can’t make it to their day. We are already fully staffed and ready to go for each wedding, including our own plan b and c.

As always, thank you for your understanding and love. We have the best clients and will always do our best to move mountains for you!