How to Honeymoon in Italy

Over the past two years, Jake and I have spent a total of two months in Italy. We are so fortunate to travel because of his work and love every opportunity to use our passports. Now that we are at the end of our second trip, I have come up with a list of the several areas we have had the pleasure of exploring and gave advice on favorite honeymoon sites and what not to miss at each place!

Why we loved it: It was beyond gorgeous. Obviously. But there was so much to do in one little island. The water was so incredibly blue and has a beach no one should ever pass by.
What you can’t miss: The boat trip around the island with a guide. It was remarkable. The Blue Grotto was truly a site to see! Take the chairlift up to Mount Solaro.
Things to remember: You arrive by boat and from the second you step off, there are people harassing you to do a small boat trip around the island. Which you HAVE to do. We were starving when we got there and went to get a gelato and Spritz. After all of the tourists had cleared, we then went and bartered with them.

Almafi Coast:
Why we loved it: This is the place where you see those postcard worthy shots are taken. You see beautiful houses and roads etched out on the side of the earth and wonder. It is truly breathtaking and was one of our favorite spots to sit and have a picnic on the side of the road.
What you can’t miss: First. Just take it all in. Next, visit Sorrento! It is at the northern part of the coast and is so much fun to walk around. I purchased many kitchen favorites from here. Everything was lemon themed, of course!
Things to remember: If you are going to drive, you had better be careful. The roads are incredibly narrow and sneak up on you!

Why we loved it: It will take you back in time from the second you step off the plane. If you like seeing history in every element you encounter, then Rome is the place for you.
What you can’t miss: We only spent the day in Rome. But when you are travelling in Italy during the early winter months, you don’t have to worry about long lines. We were able to see: The Sistine Chapel, The Colosseum, St. Peters Basilica, The Vatican, and countless museums.
Things to remember: If you are travelling any other time of the year that is a bit warmer, then you need to expect to stand in lines. So spending several days there if you really want to see everything may be in your best interest. Also, my feet were killing me from walking all day.

Why we loved it: I adored Florence. I love history, but am not the first person to wait in a line or go on tours. Actually, I am the last. Can’t stand those headsets and only use them on rare occasions. There was art and history all around you. We shopped, took in the sites and ate a lot. I think that is safe to assume you do that all over Italy…It was such a fun spot to get lost in. We would walk down back alleys and come across random restaurants and coffee shops.
What you can’t miss: The statue of David is here. Absolutely worth checking out. There are also countless, gorgeous statues right on the street as well. Not as famous, but just a beautiful. And the shopping here was my favorite! I purchased an extra suitcase on our way back. Half for the food and wine, the other half for my new clothes!
Things to remember: We stayed at an airbnb. The hotels were so incredibly expensive. There are so many fantastic little apartments right on the canal and in the middle of downtown that are a perfect location. And you get more of a sense of the outside world when you step away from the hotel!

Why we loved it: Ohhh, Tuscany. What’s not to love. The scenery. The old world houses. The WINE. The OLIVE OIL! It was truly a dream to drive around and taste olive oil, eat cheese, drink wine. Believe the hype! Tuscany is a place you need to visit if you love even one of those many crowd pleasing favorites.
What you can’t miss: A little too on the nose, but the wine. I fell in love with Chianti there. And don’t forget to try as much olive oil as you can. It is much different than here in the states. Warning. You will become an olive oil and wine snob.
Things to remember: You will need to make reservations at vineyards to ensure there is a spot for you. They go fast and are not promised to be open everyday.

Why we loved it: There are NO ROADS. You are forced to step back in time and either get around by boat or by foot. We walked over 5 miles a day and saw everything. I loved how we would walk and explore, but always be able to find our way back by small corridors or hidden entrances. I heard they have gorgeous beaches, but it was much too cold for us to even think about.
What you can’t miss: You must see Murano! And a Gondola ride is a necessity, although incredibly pricey!
Things to remember: Watch out when you sit for a meal. They charge per chair and table. It is a very touristy location, so almost everyone speaks English.

Why we loved it: Last, but certainly not least. The first place that stole my heart in Italy. They have a saying that goes: spend 1 day in Naples, and you will hate it. Spend 2 days in Naples and you will love it. Spend 3 days in Naples and you will never want to leave. And we met friends we will have for a lifetime. So Naples will always have a special place in our life!
What you can’t miss: PIZZA. This is the birthplace of pizza. You need to eat pizza and drink a spritz. Only after that, you have to: visit the several castles, explore Pompeii and Herculaneum, grab a coffee, walk the streets, indulge in gelato, check out the underground cities!
Things to remember: They start their night at 9-10 pm. Every night, we would go to dinner around 9:30 at night and get back around midnight.