Joanna and Nicolas are Getting Hitched!!

It’s here. The weekend me and my team have been heavily prepping for the past several weeks is finally here. Joanna and Nicolas are getting married! Their insanely beautiful and completely over the top wedding will start at the National Cathedral in Washington DC. Only to be followed up with all 200 of their guests getting on buses and being transported to their favorite vineyard for a jaw dropping reception.

Joanna is a fierce, New York-Italian firecracker who slays every level of life. From work to planning this wedding, she does not take “no” as an answer…my kind of bride. Always pushing for the best. She has managed to find her perfect other half. Nico is a level headed and sweet Nicaraguan that can do the impossible, which is bring a sense of calm to any situation, no matter how frustrating. They are the perfect match in every way.

This duo has been so fun to work with. The vision for their big day has grown weekly and Joanna has done her research on equipping herself with the absolute “A” team on every level. When Joanna first contacted me, she asked me if I was her type of planner who could join her #dreamteam. I was honored she brought me to her team, then my heart dropped when she sent me the rest of her vendor list!

If you have been following along with my Insta-stories the past couple weeks, you have seen just a few elements of why this wedding falls into the #dream category. Every vendor has literally dreamed of how to make this wedding grand, and then were given the OK to execute and make it come to life. I cannot wait to show you all of the behind the scene details!

Congratulations, Joanna and Nico! We are honored to be a part of your #dreamteam and can’t wait to make every aspect perfect for your big day!

Photography: Alicia Lacey Photography