Lessons Learned and Highlights of 2018

2018 has been such an incredible year of growth and excitement for our team! We have had some life changing moments that need one more little shout out. And several lessons learned that need to be screamed from the roof top so they don’t rear their ugly head in 2019!!

                                 Top 10 Moments of 2019:

1. Our team coordinated 30 weddings in 2018! We have had the biggest year, professional and personally. We each had such life changing adventures happen, but all came together to embrace our passion and be there for our fabulous brides. I am grateful for these incredible ladies EVERYDAY!

2. Babies, Babies, more babies: Heather, Lauren & Jasmine were all pregnant at the same time…for about 4 weeks. lol.

3. Our team traveled to: 40 states and 8 countries all together! We are kind of travel bugs…

4. The amount of puppies we worked with at the weddings. We are all puppy crazed over here!

5. We worked at some INCREDIBLE, bucket list venues! St. Regis., Inn at Perry Cabin, Kirkland Manor and some new stunning outside venues!


6. Our obsession with animals got a little more intense…Lauren played with foxes. Audrey had cocktails with llamas!!!

7. Kelsey got MARRIED

8. Heather and Lauren had babies!

9. Caitlin went on a road trip that consisted of more than half the country…26 states!

10. We worked with some of the most incredible clients ever! We have found our niche clients and are loving every. single one. We love the brides, their locations, their grooms…and even their families!

                            Top 10 Lessons Learned from 2018:

1. Always check with your florist to see if they want their vases back. Them having to come back to the site to do a pick up should already be set in their pricing, but if you are trying to save money, you HAVE to make sure you get their vases back. We have had some florists bother brides on their honeymoon because Aunt Sally didn’t know she was supposed to drop them off.

2. If you are going to have a super fun food truck, make sure there is POWER!!! Don’t assume because they are mobile, that they don’t need power.

3. Cake cutting…oh the cake cutting. This is not something we normally have to worry about. BUT, if you do not have a full service caterer, i.e., they are taking care of all food, linens, silverware, drinks, trash, set up, break down, then they will more than likely NOT cut the cake. Shocker, I know. Several caterers add a cake cutting fee. Your planners are not the ones who cut and serve the cake. We have in the past to keep the mother of the bride from having to do it, but that is something you have to figure out with your caterer if you did not hire a full service team.

4. Which brings me to my next point. TRASH!!! If you do not have a full service caterer, then you will more than likely not have someone who will take care of the trash at the end of the night. Ask me how I know this…They will also not bus the tables after they clear the dinner. You will need to add this to your contract if you don’t want your guests sitting in front of trash. Which is why we always encourage our brides to go with full service caterers. You may have a little sticker shock, but the added fees after booking your “cost-effective” caterer will add up and quickly catch up to the guys who do it all!

5. Make a list of who you want to be in family photos and TELL THEM you would like them to stick around for photos. We have no idea what Uncle Billy looks like and will not be able to pick him out of a crowd for family photos by the water.

6. BAR TRASH is different from DINNER TRASH. Trust us…talk to the caterer and the bartenders if you do not go with a caterer that will take care of everything.

7. If you are having a wedding outside, make sure your site sprays for mosquitoes. If you are having a wedding cake outside, make sure your venue sprays for ANTS.

8. If you want your bridal party to be on time to certain locations, then pay the extra bill and get transportation for everyone!

9. Confirm that your make up team and photographers communicate. It is VERY important that these two vendors are in sync on your day for timeline purposes. If you tell the make up artist a time you need to be finished, and tell the photographer another time, then that is a big mistake that will make you feel rushed and incomplete!

10. TRUST YOUR WEDDING TEAM! You should only hire the team you trust. If it’s all you can afford, then search again. There is always someone out there that is willing to go the extra mile within your budget!

Bring it on 2019!! We are ready for you! XOXO