Second Anniversary Gift Guide

In honor of my own second year wedding anniversary, we’re doing a guide to the traditional and modern gift ideas for 2 years: Cotton & China!

Cotton Décor: For all you “Fixer Upper” fans out there, Cotton décor makes a perfect present! Either in wreath or stem form, you can find these at most craft or specialty stores or you can order directly from the beautiful Magnolia Market.

Cotton Liquor: Either of you a whiskey or vodka fan?? A bottle of Cotton Hollow Rye Whiskey or Cotton Candy Pinnacle Vodka makes a perfect boozy gift!








Personalized Cotton: From customized pillows to robes to canvas prints, the possibilities are endless! Are you and your hubby big runners? Why not take all the racing shirts you’ve collected over the years and make a giant quilt out of it? Many companies such as Shutterfly will also create memorable pieces using those beautiful wedding photos!

Traditional Cotton: The obvious choice of clothes is always an option or fancy socks from Stance which is a personal favorite of mine 😊








Modern China: This one is tricky because you typically don’t buy each other fine china. You can always get away with a porcelain mug or as my husband did, anything assembled in China counts (like the new Apple Watch he gifted me). Haha.









Happy Shopping!!