Thursday Hitched Tip :: Advice for the high maintenance travel chick

HI, my name is Heather and I am high maintenance traveler. I don’t try to hide it and realize that my need to have 1000 items in my travel bag because I MIGHT want to listen with my ear buds instead of my noise cancelling headphones makes me seem crazy. BUT, I am that chick you want to sit next to on the plane because, just like Mary Poppins, there is everything in my bag to keep you happy, comfortable and entertained on a 10 hour+ trip!

My obsession of important carry on items came 4 years ago when Jake and I went to Singapore for the winter. It was in the beginning of me figuring out my whole gluten free situation and I became obsessed with making sure I had my own everything. Food, sides, drinks, etc. My carry on became my life source for the 28 hour plane experience with lay overs in foreign countries who could care less about the “gluten fad.” Side note: it is not a fad in my life, but a terrible auto immune disease that makes life miserable and has very scary consequences.

Another reason for my OCD behavior when packing is because when we travel for his work, we go for 30+ days at a time and there is no “let me run home and get this,” situation. Or even a, “can you stop by target and pick up some things.” Not happening my friend. I am only able to take one checked suitcase and one carry on bag plus a personal item. You better believe every bag will be packed to the brim. Here are some quick tips:

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– I always bring a carry on suitcase in addition to my personal item because I am deathly afraid of the plane losing my luggage.
– You better pack your FAVORITE, can’t live without, pieces to put in your carry on luggage.
– I start packing at least a week before I leave for a trip (when traveling for more than 10 days) so I can get my brain in gear of what I can and can’t live without. 50lbs comes quickly, my friends!
– I pick the seats the SECOND I book my flights. Even if they say it is unavailable, I call the airlines and talk to someone until they give me seats. Works every time. Also…look up your plane information on so you know your fate!
– I have several notes in my phone of running lists like: Plane food, clothing list (my favorite outfits), work necessities (client files or books), electronics. These lists help me not to over pack or forget essentials
– If you are traveling out of the country, and have medical issues of ANY kind, then I recommend getting travel insurance. When I was in Singapore for several months, I paid $30 through united that covered me the entire time I was on travel in any country. Highly recommend incase anything happens!
– Work out on the day you are traveling if you can. Even if you are leaving super early in the morning. Get up and do a 20-30 minute exercise. It will tire you out on the plane and you will wake up nice and refreshed when you arrive, if your flight is less that 5 hours!
– Pack a scarf that you just pulled from the dryer and has extra fabric softener. The smell from home will be so much better than the coughs and bodily functions happening around you!
– Tell your bank cards you are travelling outside of the country!! The last thing you need is to get to the airport, go to take out funds for a taxi and your card locks up!
– Wash your favorite slippers and put them in your bag, in addition to a fresh pair of socks. Any type of extra comfort will help in relaxing!

These are just a few of my go-to tips that help me prep for a long trip. I will be sharing more as I try not to pack half of my house!