Thursday Hitched Tip:: Advice for your Best Man and Maid of Honor

Yes, our advice is normally left for our beautiful couples getting married, but today, we need to concentrate on the next people of honor, the best man and maid of honor. I have heard one too many bad speeches to let this go on anymore. Don’t get me wrong, there have been several that were Emmy worthy, but the toasts that were just plain wrong have pushed me to warn the rest of the masses that are preparing to take the microphone and bare their soul.

1. DO NOT start off with “for those of you who don’t know me, I’m…” It is cliché and is the start of 98% of all wedding toasts. I feel like people immediately stop listening after the word “me.” How about something like: “As Heather’s sister,” or “With my 15 years as Heather’s best friend.”

2. DO NOT wait until last minute to write your speech. As in the day of the wedding. Winging it never works. Ever. And no amount of liquid courage will give you the writing power of Ernest Hemmingway.

3. DO NOT talk about what happened at the bachelor or bachelorette party. I don’t think anyone should know about the things that were said, people that were talked to or embarrassing actions that either bride or groom took part in with their nearest and dearest.

4. Make it short, sweet, funny, full of love…and under 2 minutes! If you have over a page of love to share with your BFF and their closest friends and family, then maybe write them a letter for them to read.

5. If you are super worried about embarrassing yourself in front of over 100 people, then I suggest you check out You select the type of speech you want to give, fill out a short questionnaire and they will deliver a speech straight to your inbox. You take all the credit and laughs. Win/win.

Don’t stress too much about giving your toast. If you have confidence and are prepared, it will go smoothly. If not, just let us know and we can whip up something clever for you to say and get off the microphone as soon as possible.