Thursday Hitched Tip :: Bring the right tools for putting on your dress

For a person who has never put on a wedding dress, that has to sound like the most high maintenance statement ever. Bring the right tools for putting on your wedding dress. Ask any of your wedded friends who had more than 6 buttons going down their back. Or had a rip. Or had a crystal fall off. Or had a ring bearer step on their train. Or had their headband break…there is a tool box of necessities that should be next to every bride getting ready. Lucky for you, I will give you my cheat sheet.

Lulu Edward Photography

1: A Crochet Hook
The buttons going down your back are stunning. Probably one of your favorite features of the dress. But closing those buttons is an entirely different situation. If you don’t have a crochet hook to grab the buttons, you will have some very frustrated bridesmaids with some very sore fingers. Do your maids a favor.

2: A Sewing Kit
Can’t tell you how many times we have had to sew bridesmaids in their dresses. I even had to help a bride sew her dress up when the zipper came off. There was a small panic in the room, and them calmness when the sewing commenced.

3. A Hot Glue Gun
There are some things on a dress that only Vera Wang herself can sew back on. Use a SMALL amount of hot glue to help out with those stubborn crystals that fell off.

4. Safey Pins Galore
It is the number 1 item that bridesmaids ask me for. I have no less than 75 safety pins on me at any give time during a wedding. Between the bridesmaid dresses not fitting properly and the brides train, I should buy stock in safety pins!
Disclaimer: Bridesmaids…this one is for you. You have had MONTHS to figure out your dress situation. DO NOT come to the wedding looking for help because your chest is falling out of your dress. Or the back won’t zip. Or it is too long and needs to be hemmed. You were picked to be by your besties side and support her. Not request the help of her planning team to dress you as well! Yes. We will help you. But you will get a smile and a side eye. LOL

5. Extra undergarments
Whatever you are wearing for your big day under that gorgeous dress. Bring TWO. Trust me on this. Things happen. Like that time of the month…or sitting in something…or you sweating from stress and your sticky bra sliding off before you had a change to put your dress on. Just double up on the change something happens. It’s not like you can wear those again.