Thursday Hitched Tip:: Honeymoon Travel Tips

After being abroad for almost 3 weeks now, I have been taking countless notes of what I wish I could tell couples before they travel internationally after the biggest event of their life! My husband and I took a “mini-moon” the day after our wedding and ended up leaving for our actual honeymoon in Antiqua a week after. Now that I am reminded on how much work and effort is put into travelling, I completely appreciate that decision! Here are just a few things that you don’t think about for your honeymoon while you are dealing with last minute wedding changes/updates/cancellations/drama.

1- Jetlag
This is a no joke, almost no getting around, issue you will have to deal with if you are travelling more than a 3 hour plane ride away. Your adrenaline will keep you up for the first day or so on schedule, but on day 2-3, you will crash hard! Prepare yourself for this. Schedule a massage and romantic dinner knowing its going to be a tiring day.

2- There needs to be a captain
Both people should know what’s going on, but one person should be in charge. Jake and I recently went to Venice for the weekend and I am SO HAPPY he knew all the details. From the airports, to the taxi (which was a water taxi) to getting to the hotel when the road signs are hidden, he always pointed us in the right direction. There were several situations when it could have easily gotten heated if we had two cooks in the kitchen. I am not saying that you can’t work together, but keeping travel as stress free as possible, make one person in charge of the overall trip, and one person in charge of small trips. He took care of air travel, hotel and getting from point A-B. I was in charge of activities and meals.

3. Watch out for tourist prices
Everyone knows you’re a tourist. It is painted all over your faces, literally. So watch out for those hidden costs that restaurants throw on your bill. We sat down for a meal at a pretty spot near Herculaneum and had lunch. The prices seemed reasonably fair. My pasta was only $8. Jake’s meal was $13. Our bill was $47. They tacked on a service fee, sitting fee and table fee. They knew we were mad so they shuffled us in this little area to explain the bill to us. They knew it was completely outrageous, but hey, what are we going to do? Well…this feisty little American walked around to the other English speaking tourists walking up to the restaurant and told them about the $30 in extra fees and they all walked away. Long story short, BEFORE you sit down at a restaurant, ASK what additional fees they charge. They won’t like it, but they will tell you. And it will save you hundreds in the long run.

4. Budget for laundry service
Believe me. This is something NO ONE thinks about, but is very important. The one thing people say after they get back from a trip is “I need a vacation from my vacation.” That probably means they just got back from the best trip of their life and now they have to deal with 10 loads of laundry on top of mentally preparing to join the real world. I know that a month away is different from a week away, but I take every opportunity I can to get our clothes cleaned so my work when I get home is next to nothing! Also a little side note for cleaning…schedule cleaners to come to your house right before you get home. Suffice it to say, you will more than likely be leaving your house in a vicious manner after the wedding, and to be hit with that right when you get home is pretty numbing. So schedule some house cleaners so you can easily slide back into reality without the extra added pain of cleaning.

5. Disconnect
If you don’t listen to anything else I suggest, please listen to this one. Keep your phones disconnected!! We did not get international coverage on our phones. We have been travelling internationally every year for the past 5 years and we have NEVER added international coverage on our phones. If we need a SIM card for emergencies to call each other, we will pay for it once we arrive (we have only purchased it once). We are at the mercy of WiFi, which they have everywhere. It is the best decision we make every time we leave the country. We get lost, we explore, we are OFF social media, no one can get in touch with us. It is a break that we are seldom given and you need to take it! If you are travelling alone, that is another story, but enjoy every second with your new spouse instead of seeing what is happening on social media or connecting with the people back home. Connect with the love of your life and just experience life!