Thursday Hitched Tip :: How to feed your vendors

99.9% of my clients don’t realize they have to feed those people they spend MONTHS tracking down and paying for on the day of their wedding. Those people that have spent days prepping for your wedding, and 8-10 hours on their feet to make sure your wedding is perfect. Those people, that I call, my dear vendors. The friends I make after hours on the phone/email and then even longer making sure their day is as easy as cake…that they rarely get to eat.

They need to eat too. And not just a bagged lunch, although sometimes we will scarf down anything because we are too busy running and burning calories to sit and eat for 5 minutes. Don’t be offended when you hear your sweet vendors need 15 minutes to sit and eat, or change their batteries, or get off their feet for a minute. Even you get a break when you’re at work. We should as well.

How to feed your vendors:
1. Look at the contract.
It will tell you how many meals they need. Including if they require a cold or hot meal. This is important. Although I think it is completely insanity to DEMAND a hot meal on the day of wedding when the bride and groom can rarely enjoy a hot meal because of running around…but some do.

2. Talk to your caterer about feeding your vendors.
They sometimes to have a reduced rate for vendors. If it is a buffet, they will allow your vendors to grab a plate and get in line. If it is a plated meal, they will serve them in a separate area.

3. Make sure it all lines up in the timeline!
Vendors NEED TO EAT WHEN YOU EAT. Please read that line again. Caterers DO NOT like to feed vendors before guests because they have over 100 people to get fed and they are last on the list. I get it…believe me. But I also know that if all of these people don’t eat when the bride and groom are eating, they won’t eat at all! And I have personally experienced this on too many occasions to count.

If you take care of your vendors and plan it out before the wedding day, there won’t be any issues at the actual event. Or you could hire us and we can figure it all out for you. 😉