Thursday Hitched Tip :: What NOT to Eat before/on your wedding

Majority of our gorgeous ladies are on some type of work out or diet plan before their wedding day. We completely understand. You are going to be the center of attention and every single person will be jumping around to take as many photos of you as possible. You absolutely want to look your best.

Even if you’re one of those brides who refuses to change an ounce for your big day (get it girl), there are still some foods you should NEVER eat before or on your big day.

Alicia Lacey Photography

1- Carbonated Sodas, especially diet sodas.
These sodas contain carbon dioxide that will make your stomach expand. Which means your wedding dress expands.

2. Veggie Platter
Do you know what Broccoli does to your body? Turns your stomach into a home for gas that you will be burping up all day. Yummy!

3. Dried Fruits
Yes, they are supposed to be healthy, but are also packed with sugar that causes water retention and gas. No thanks!

4. Smoothie and Straw
You are basically asking for air to come into your stomach if you drink a smoothie with a dairy base through a straw!

5. Bagels and Donuts
Yes, you are thinking you want to carb up! But those carbs will travel right to your belly…and set up shop. It will cause you to swell and to look and feel bloated.

6. Seafood
Just stay away from it! I may allow you to have that crab cake, but stay away from everything else. I heard a traumatic story from some friendors where one of their brides ate a tuna sandwich the morning of the wedding and got food poisoning.

7. Anything New
If you haven’t had it before, today is NOT the day to try. Let’s leave the experimenting to the Honeymoon!