Thursday Hitched Tip :: Planning vs. Coordination

It’s been a minute, but I’m bringing back our #ThursdayHitchedTip. After a crazy year with unlimited lessons learned, it is time we help everyone else from making some of these boo boos, faux pas and down right rude actions. Like I said…it’s been a long year!

Starting off with the difference between coordination and planning. There is a HUGE difference in our event planning world.

Coordination: being present on the day of your wedding to help all of the details YOU found, negotiated and planned.

Planning: in a nut shell, sending you advice, assist in finding vendors, negotiate contracts and executing final details in the several months leading up to the day. (There are different levels of planning assistance, not all are the same).

Planning always includes coordination. Coordination does NOT always include planning.

We have had a couple times this year where brides got very confused on where the line was and got very upset when we didn’t cross it outside of their package requirements without a contract change. We are here to help you have the most magical, stress free day of your life. And we are ALWAYS going above and beyond, but we are not a necessity, we are a luxury item. Food: Necessity. Photographer: Necessity. Tables: Necessity. Planner: Luxury.

I personally feel we are a necessity…I don’t know how people do it without purchasing insurance that is a wedding planner for coordination, but the fact is not everyone hires a planner and their wedding still goes on! But not without a hitch…lol

In our packages, we lay out exactly what you will be receiving in terms of how much help you will receive from us during both the planning and coordination process. When you need more help than what you originally paid for, you WILL receive an invoice from us. We will always tell you before moving forward that it is not in your current package and never give surprise bills. It’s important to know the limitations of ALL your vendors. Surprise invoices from anyone close to your wedding day can be undue stress. Especially when you need the help.

We have different packages to help with all types of brides. If you can only afford day of coordination, you don’t get the perks of a full service planning package. If you can only afford a standard vehicle with no bells and whistles, don’t get angry when you drive it home and it’s not fully loaded!

This is a rare issue for us, but when it happens, we feel terrible. Spending time away from our families or taking time away from other clients to help others at no cost has its limitations! Let us help you. Listen and hear us during your initial meeting! We will lay it all out for you. We are here to help you in every way possible, but nothing is free, my friends.