Thursday Hitched Tip :: Rules of wearing a bow tie on your wedding

I LOVE Bow Ties on your wedding day. They are so fun and classy. You can make them white and classic, or pick one with tons of personality. The options are unlimited. But there are some rules if you decide to go with the lovely bow tie to add some excitement to your men.

– There are three basic types of bowties: self-tied, clip-on, and pre-tied.
– If you have REAL, self-tied bow ties, someone needs to know how to tie them, BEFORE the wedding day. NO, going on youtube will not work. It takes time and practice to tie a bow tie properly. I promise you don’t have enough time with five minutes to go before photos.
– There is more than one bow tie shape that goes with certain blazers and jackets. Make sure yours match.
– Be mindful of the fabric and size of the bow tie.
– Don’t be afraid to mix and match. But do it with confidence. Help your guys personality shine with a patterned bow tie and slick suit.