Thursday Hitched Tip :: Step away from the Internet

You heard me. Put it down. Pinterest, blog posts, Instagram. These lovely little wedding devices can truly do more harm than good. They are amazing for trying to find inspiration, but not the EXACT look of your wedding day.

1. Your eyes are bigger than your budget
The biggest issue I find with brides and their pinterest is they have no idea the cost of things. While that beautiful ceiling draped with flowers and lace is gorgeous, it will take up 60% of your wedding budget.

2. I asked what do YOU want, not what you like on the internet
It can be a such a relief when brides have an idea of their dream day in a few photos so I can get a visual feel of what they have been dreaming. If you hire us to help with design and overall vision of your day, then I will just need a few words of inspiration and we will do the rest!

3. It will not look exactly like it does on the internet
Let’s say we get the exact flower, in the exact centerpiece compote, on the exact linen that you saw in the photo. There is no guarantee that what you see in the photo will turn out EXACTLY like you see in the photo. There are so many variables. And don’t forget the most important one, it is YOUR wedding.

It can be a hard transition from trusting your Pinterest board to letting your wedding develop, but if you are working with a professional, TRUST THEM. Let them take your day and make it your own.

Online wedding photos: Good for inspiration, Bad for thinking is what your day will be 100%.