Thursday Hitched Tip :: The first steps after your engagement

Happy Engagement season!! Yes, that is a thing. It is in our world, anyway. Brides are scanning the internet for advice and tips on what to do now that they have their dream man and dream rock! Let me break it down for all of you lovely ladies that want someone to keep it real with you. There is a scientific method to planning a wedding (hence wedding planners), and I am going to give you the first steps to take.

Step 1: Figure out a budget
You cannot do the first thing without figuring out how much money you want/can spend! If you have NO IDEA how much a wedding costs, that doesn’t matter. When brides come to me and say “we don’t have a budget.” My next question is “what do you think about a $10000 minimum for a florist.” Then they quickly realize that money matters. Everyone has a number, figure out yours before you find your dream photographer or florist so you can give your guests more than chicken nuggets for dinner. You don’t have to be exact. A round about number will work. 40-50K. 60-75K. Whatever it is, start with something and find out who will contribute.

Step 2: If you are going to hire a planner…now would be the time!
If you realized you needed help after the 7th Brides article on “Mastering the perfect checklist” and you are pulling your hair out already, do everyone a favor and hire your planner. If you get to us before you book your first vendor, we can help you make the right decisions. There isn’t much we can do after you have booked your site before they sold out their dates, but we know another site that would be better suited for your vision and budget!

Step 3: Date and venue
These two go hand and hand. If you announce your wedding date is September 10th, and haven’t even started looking at venues, you better have your white out handy. There are very popular dates out there, and venues book up 18-24 months in advance. Your date and location will more than likely be decided at the same time, and that is OK!

Step 4: Breathe
Don’t go full throttle all at once, unless you are getting married in less than 12 months. Feel around some of your favorite photographers and caterers. But don’t go too crazy. You will have time to try on dresses (need to purchase at least 6-8 months before your wedding), chat with invitations designers (8 months for save the dates) and talk to florists (I recommend 8-10 months before). So don’t let all of the wedding planning steam out. It will become overwhelming. Enjoy the ride. You will be on it a while!