Thursday Hitched Tip :: The truth about flowers

We are NOT florists. We don’t pretend to be florists. Just like florists don’t pretend to be wedding planners. It is in a world all in it’s own. There are special rules, and to be honest, it takes YEARS to master them. We completely understand when brides want to save money on florals. They are expensive. Especially when Pinterest rears its ugly head and you find the perfect bouquet that is three times more your budget. BUT…there are ways to do that where you are not regretting your decision and it’s too late to do anything!

If you care about what your flowers look like, DO NOT…I REPEAT…DO NOT purchase and put flowers together yourself. It is not that easy. I don’t care how many blogs you read on how to take care and put floral arrangements together. As someone who has taken several floral classes, watching behind the scenes, asked several questions and even tried to do flowers once or twice, head my warning!!!

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The amount of stress you will have the upcoming week of your wedding will be pretty intense. Emotions run high and this is where last minute issues tend to come down full force. Can you imagine having floral issues in addition to standard wedding problems?

Did you know:
– Each flower has it’s own personality and needs.
– Some flowers need to be in a cooler to survive, while others need to be in a cool environment.
– It can take up to a week for some flowers to open, while others can open in 1-2 days.
– If you think you can put your flowers in your fridge, THINK AGAIN. A lot of flowers don’t like fruit and it will kill them within a day.
– Your fridge is TOO COLD to keep them alive

That is just keeping those stems alive, not the difficult part of actually putting them together. Floral designers go to several classes a year to learn the best way to create gorgeous centerpieces and bouquets. You can’t come to the table with a few Pinterest blogs up your sleeve and thing it will work out.

Ways to save money:
– Go with in-season flowers (this is cliché, but it works, my friends)
– More greenery, less florals
– Standard vases instead of fancy vases.
– Stretch out your centerpieces on long tables. Greenery, candles, small compotes.
– Don’t forget that candles can cost just as much as flowers, so you’re not saving money by going with candles and not flowers.
– ASK YOUR FLORIST. They will help you reach your budget goals.

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